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Comedy Gold Hypocrisy

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Fox News Hypocritical Reporting on North Korea Meeting

Trumptard Nation is ecstatic that their dear leader has brought world peace and the end of all conflict in Korea. It is a great thing regardless of anything as tension seems to be lessened, and that's great. Trumptard Nation, Fox/Trump "News", and even ordinary people have completely forgotten that they were screaming about Obama even mentioning that he would meet with Kim. Obama was mostly a failure, Hillary would have been a nightmare, and the Trump carnival act is a complete shitshow.


Dismissing our allies and threatening to stop trading with them (except Canada-they need to be invaded/annexed for threatening us) while praising Russia and calling a brutal dictator in Kim "Loved by all of his citizens, an honorable man, and a man of peace" is just bizarre.......especially if you listened to InsHannity and the rest of the Fox/Trump "News" when Obama even suggested meeting with North Korean leaders. Now their man is a genius. Bolton had conniptions over so much as suggesting meeting with Kim but now that Trump has done it, he is the greatest president in U.S. history. It's actually just more comedy. Can't wait for the documentary and movie about the Trump carnival act when it's over, it will be hilarious.

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Dog vs Croc

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Dog vs Croc

A tiny dog famed for terrorising a large crocodile has been eaten by the reptile she tormented for over a decade.  

For years Pippa the terrier would bark, snap and chase away Casey the saltwater crocodile as she lay on the banks of Australia's river Adelaide.

Tourists were regularly amazed at the tiny creature's exploits near her owner Kai Hansen’s remote Goat Island Lodge, in the outback south-east of Darwin.


But her bravery eventually proved her undoing when last week, Casey finally fought back, sinking her teeth into the dog and dragging her into the river in front of horrified onlookers.


Sooner or later, Pippa was going to be a snack. One of the videos Pippa was famous for:


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