Testing double-A batteries


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4:28 - "I used these as a kid and as I grew older and learned more about batteries started wondering why they are still being sold."


I present proof to you that Wokeists like Raining Blood care not a lick for the poor. I can think of three reasons why these batteries are still sold in dollar stores and used by poor people, since I was one of them for two years and spent a lot of time paying very close attention to how they live and perceive the wider world. 


When you see a story like this presented on the CBC, what you are seeing are elitist ideologues targeting poor people for mockery while making an argument to make it more difficult for said poor people to power their electronic devices. This is what angers me more than anything - these demons have captured the "brand" of  "I care for the poor" and are doing whatever they can in the meantime to harm the poor for the purpose of extorting them into joining their cult as the solution to the problem wokeists caused in the first place.

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