Death Of Hope

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Warhammer 30k: Death of Hope Full Trailer (AudioFix)

A Horus heresy fan film (well, a trailer for it at least)

It would be nice if GamesWorkshop actually backed guys like this instead of hiring out to companies who don't know/love the lore/franchise 

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I don't trust GW to handle GW.  But I'm pretty sure kickstarter would massively overfund a project in record time.  I hate GW but even I would kick in some money.  I'd want to see it done with a bit of taste though.  While this was cool, a movie is a bit different than a video game cinematic which is what this delivers emotionally.  I think it would be difficult to write a script with Space Marines at the center, told from their point of view, that would be honest to the lore but still accessible to the public.  

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