"By Myself" - Linkin Park

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Linkin Park - By Myself (lyrics In description)

This is one of the very few albums, to me, that you could listen to from start to finish.  ( i wasnt a big fan of anything else they did...because it couldnt compare) The song "By Myself"  was always my personal favorite, because it made me feel like i wasnt the only one going through 'strange mental issues' ...today, the lyrics make me really sad, because in the end...(it doesnt even matter? ...*different song*..) ...RIP Chester...this is my way of paying my respects 

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This music reminds me of my middle school days. Sitting at a table in the school cafeteria where all you heard about was Halo, Xbox, Linkin Park, and Gorillaz. Some of the kids had flip phones, but they still talked to each other more than anything.

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