How Neocons Sold The Iraq War

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Bush-Atta-911: The Viscous Lie

PNAC* members Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith ran a newly created office in the Pentagon called "Office For Special Plans"


In this office they cherry-picked bogus intelligence to connect Saddam to 9/11.


The essential bogus intel that linked Saddam with terrorists was the "Mohamad Atta met with senior Iraq officials in Prague" scam, which they would leak to the NY Times & others to promote [link].


Thousands of allied military casualties, millions of civilians killed or displaced, trillions of dollars spent and we're back in the same place, if not in a worse position of Neocon/Zionist domination of the US foreign policy.


*PNAC was essentially a Neocon/Zionist think tank headed by Richard Perle that published papers for Netanyahu in the 1990's based on using the US military to reshape the Middle East. [link]


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A sticky (viscous) lie!!!



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