RussiaGate "Evidence"

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Still searching for Russiagate evidence? US publishes all RT's 2016 Twitter ads

FBI says the 1700 Twitter ads sent by RT in 2016, ~22% of which were in some way related to the election are all evidence of Russian election interference....

Of the 1665 tweets promoted by the @RT_com Twitter account, Donald Trump was mentioned 153 times, while Hillary Clinton got 78 mentions — that’s just 13 percent of promoted tweets. Of the 127 tweets paid for by the @RT_America Twitter account, only 38 of them mentioned Trump and 25 mentioned Clinton.


RT's Twitter account has subsequently been banned, reportedly under pressure from the US government.



Here's a sample of the evidence submitted by Schiff:


>> Read more, including links to all the "evidence" against RT


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Hahahaha oh my fucking god, I have no words.

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