"Steal Their Motte & Bomb Their Bailey"

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Panel: Steal Their Motte & Bomb Their Bailey | James Lindsay & Michael O'Fallon

Examine the content of the latest posts made by our resident wokeists, especially the Jordan Peterson posts, and then watch this video. Academics like Lindsey understand how these religious fanatics think and act. Nothing can be done about the choices they've made - but if you KNOW they're lying, misrepresenting, and establishing tyranny and you're just like "Can't be bothered? What can I do? Someone else can fight them for me, I don't want the hassle," and this is the position of most people, then you're consigning people like me to prison or death sooner, and then you and yours later unless you throw away your humanity altogether and just join and become one of them.


They are the evolution of the Nazi branch of Hegelianism fused with the Marxist branch - the ultimate distillation of batshit crazy, mass-murdering psychopathy. "It's just social justice" - please wake up.

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