Ukraine infrastructure being rekt

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Russia's Elaborate Missile Campaign to KNOCK OUT Ukraine

Targets & preliminary aftermath of yesterday's strikes:


Wed, Nov 23 - Massive missile attack of the Russian Armed Forces on Ukraine.

The first data on the results of strikes in Ukraine: emergency power outages have been introduced in all regions...


Power outage at:

- Kyiv and regions

- Dnepropetrovsk

- Krivoy Rog

- Poltava

- Zaporozhye

- Nikolaev

- Odessa and the region

- Rivne and regions

- Khmelnytskyi and the region

- Kremenets-Podolsk

- Kirovograd region

- Kharkov

- Lutsk

- Cherkassy

- Chernihiv

- Sumac

- Zhytomyr


Interruptions and shutdowns of water in:

- Kyiv

- Sumac

- Nikolaev

- Kharkov

- Dnepropetrovsk

- Odessa


Metrics show that the ongoing Russian missile attack on Ukraine's energy infrastructure has impacted most regions, with remaining active nuclear power plants Khmelnytskyi, Rivne and South Ukraine disconnected from the grid amid shelling and emergency shutdowns

- Netblocks


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