MEK Terrorist Cult - Washington's Iranian Friends In Albania

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Washington's Favorite Terrorists: Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK, MKO, PMOI)

Video is from 2011, the year before the US de-listed Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK/MKO) as a terror organisation & moved them into an American military base in Iraq, Camp Liberty.


Israel has trained, financed & armed the MEK to assist in the assassination of several Iranian nuclear scientists.


The group is a marxist/Islamic cult and everyone in Iran hates them, not only because they fought for Saddam during the Iran/Iraq war but because they're a terrorist cult with nothing to offer but violence.


The most vile & corrupt of Washington swamp vermin (Bolton, McCain, Giuliani etc) take bribes to promote MEK as a legitemate alternative to Iran's government.


Trump's top security advisor, John Bolton, wants them to replace the Iranian government. NY Times calls the MEK a 'Fringe Group'.


John McCain, Al Qaeda's best friend in Washington, has been a long-time supporter of the group


Many other Washingon swamp vermin have accepted MEK bribes



In 2016-2017 the group was relocated to Albania where they're buying politicians to gain power


The politicians of Albania that did not take their money are organising themselves to combat this new threat


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The MEK claims to have disassociated itself from its former revolutionary ideology in favor of liberal democratic values, however they fail to "present any track record to substantiate a capability or intention to be democratic".[143] A 2009 U.S. Department of State annual report states that their ideology is a blend of Marxism, Islamism and feminism.


Three strikes and you're out!!!  Fuck these people.

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