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DEVOTION - Official Trailer (HD)

Expect a string of these in the wake of Top Gun: Maverick. The lead in this is a tremendous actor, so it's not a cheap knockoff. This film was made before the success of Maverick was confirmed, although the trailer here is so very clearly capitalizing on aspects of that recent success. Within the first 30 seconds the creators go out of their way to tell us there will be no woke horseshit or revisionist history here, so that's good.


The Corsair was introduced in the final months of the second world war, and is my mostest favouritest proppy fighter (also a bomber). Love it more that the P-51. I believe the other model they fly here is the Hellcat, although I didn't realize that was still operational through the Korean war.

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^ See how this works? One of them puts out a request to a bunch of idiots who don't participate here to come on the site and downrate whatever Skeptoid is posting. In some cases, it's one person using the creds of multiple accounts, and in other cases it's just cult members answering the call. 


You have here 5 one-stars from the Wokeist cult on Spiked for a movie about the exceptionalism of a non-white combatant (race is always their focus) who fought in support of the Christian ethic and, in doing so, demonstrated the idiocy of racism, just as Yeshua did. That cannot stand, and so the downratings come in. 


They have been doing it to this site for 7 years now - about 6-7 people and their sock accounts, and now those sock accounts are gone and they have been reduced to sharing account details with each other and the results are just sad while simultaneously being incredibly confirmative and instructive.


The game is over - you have lost. Go find another place to establish your cult so that those who once enjoyed this site and the free and honest expression of ideas and information can return and we can all be a community again together and move forward. You are NOT wanted here - we ALL can see your fraud and disfunction crystal clear. Doxxing me, attacking people at a false address that I pushed here as bait for sal9000, writing death threats on the doors of places I used to live in - the desperation is palpable. Let's say "No" to these orcs and restore Spiked to it's previous glory.

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