Gas Station Fire Suppression

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Cigarette smoker at gas station met the angry extinguisher

I love this. I can't stop laughing. Such an old guy move and absolutely correct.


A driver smoking at a gas station on the ringroad of Sofia, Bulgaria, declined to put out his cigarette after being asked politely to do so. The gas station operator was left with no option but to introduce this fellow to the magic of the fire extinguisher and to the rules that need to be followed when in the area.


Cigarette smokers at gas stations are the biggest morons. The gasoline + ignition source = fire equation just doesn't get through to them.



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Love how they just stand around, as though it's their living room or some shit, amazed at what just happened. A pair of them almost get hit by a different car @ 1:50.


5/5, would love to have hosed that fucker down myself.

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