Let's talk about how Republicans create demand for strict gun laws....


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Im sorry to burst the bubble here, but this guy is putting up the biggest straw man argument I've heard in a while.

I didnt know about redneck democrats till now.

He thinks that to be found guilty untill proven innocent is the way we should go?

I say fuck that!

He says abusers can own guns?

Hang on a minuet there ginger wiskers, convicted abusers are most likely to have thier rights to owning a gun taken from them, but he isn't talking about convicted abusers, he is talking about people with allegations against them.


Big difference there by George!


If you believe this crap you are hiding from the truth.


The real reason for all the shooting sprees in the USA comes down to a society that has lost its way, where the government stays in power by creating division in the population instead of apealling to common unity, and every now an then the one in a million fanatic emerges, who hates humanity and is hungry to see the humanity punished; as though they are God.


Look around you.

How many people think the world is over populated, that humanity is courrupted and a blight to the planet?

All this kind of self loathing is not healthy to a society and society's answer to adrdess this issue is to push it under the rug and perscribe some pills to take the edge off for a person who ends up so lost that they buy into this kind of thinking.


The solution Comunity, Respect and Love of Life.

If you don't subscribe to these values in their full; you are the problem and the problem is yours.

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