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I was working for the CIA got caught after an assassination, went to jail waiting for paperwork for my release, these 3 white guys came up to me, one of em said you gonna come with me and suck my dick, i could have beaten the crap out of them there and then but i thought this is great, il teach him a lesson he'l never forget, i act scared and say yes il do that, he tells me if you bite well knock all your teeth out, he didn't see me smile as we walked in to the cell, he said kneel, i kneel he whips his dick out take it in my mouth and i ripped that shit right off, and punched him out cold, his friends come up i knock em in the head a couple of times, i said il knock you guy's out and bite your dicks off to, they got scared and ran away, walked to the next cell, started to was my face blood all over, later a prison guard comes up and asked where the blood comes from, cut myself shaving i said and laughed, he said, you bit his dick off, i said yeah it was either that or he would have died.


So i am walking around later it is lights out, and i did not know what cell i should be in, so the guard pushes me in this cell with a big black guy, first thing the guy said was, lets get something straight, i cut him off and said whow whow whow, you don't talk to me like that pal, he comes up to me with some real weak moves, i bend and twist his neck he dies 3 seconds in the fight, some guy from the next cell hears that he is dead, starts threatening me, im gonna kill you he said, i said, you shouldn't have said that, now i have to kill you, back and forth, i said what do you think is gonna happen when this cell opens, he starts calling the guard, and ratted me out, i went to a isolated cell, where i got some sleep, next morning CIA came to get me i was free, and my records wiped :)


That is not the only jail story i have one time same shit got caught, went in, got in to an argument with an old man because i beated some guy who said he was gonna fuck me, knocked him out, and used the cell door to crack his skull, the old man said this is my jail, i told him it was glorious, he couldn't laugh at my joke or the fact i just put his friend in the infirmary, later i am in the shower alone waiting for whoever would attack me while i am naked showering, these 5 guy's walk in, i walk over to them, they had razors in a toothbrush, i said you have brought me a knife?, he laughed 5 seconds later he was dead, i killed all 5, in the shower, and one who was on the lookout ran i caught him and killed him to that was 6, next day CIA came to get me we went to the court to talk to the judge in private, i was free all records wiped :)


I got more stories but i am tired of typing Killed a black kid by accident who asked me if i was Britney, i think he was calling me a bitch, he died from a couple of kicks, killed another black guy who blew some white powder in my face, i think that was That zombie powder they make of dried lilly's or a family plant there off, the native Americans used it to make zombie slaves, but i used that shit before so i could handle it, didn't breathe much in anyway, anyway he died, in the laundry room nobody knew.


When my biological son Justin Bieber went to prison i went in with him as protection, beated the shit out of a little gang of white guy's, i don't even remember what that was about. i think i knocked one of em in the face, after they demanded money, Anyway we talked to the judge in private, free :)


And then one story which was in the news

5 or 6 guards killed

One of em came up to me and started talking shit i told him to back off little guard, i go to my cell 6 or 7 guards show up to beat me :) one survived, anyway talked to the judge :) and manipulated the story trough media connections...


At least 14 ppl killed in prison alone

15 or 16 counting Epstein

What am i? a psycho? or a guy who loved his job? :)

O and the entire Epstein case was invite ppl over keep lists of guests make pictures and extort money from them, they did not fuck little kids over there that was all Epstein's thing, Bill gates did not, i know that.

Epstein was a wannabe, and tried extorting everyone, that is why he died.


As i think it was........ he knew one of these girls would talk at some point and needed power over influential ppl by implementing them, so he wouldn't have to go to prison.

The guy was a pedo fuck him and his sceme

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