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Sometimes squeeking "good girl" is just not enough of a re-inforcer to get the dog to do what you want, but hey, better then kicking them into submission.


Also "not available in my country?" Fuck you AMC, I've got windscribe!

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Preacher is a good "Preacher Flavored" show.


Compared to the graphic novels, it maintains the core story of preacher, however the show's deviations slowly sap the spirit of the original material.


 The truth is, doing the legit story is way too hot for t.v.


 Years ago this was brought to HBO, and they had to refuse it.


 So what did AMC do differently?


 They took out ALOT of the disturbing stuff. Fluffed the show with WAY too much comic relief. Told story archs out of order. Took the edge right out the conflict between the main characters and God. No Ghost of John Wayne to guide Jesse = WTF!?


 What did they do right?


 Tulip (Even though she's white in the comics.)


 Herr Starr. Brilliant performance.


 Saint Of Killers. (Though the abilities of his guns have not been fully demonstrated yet.)


 Is it still an enjoyable show? Yes. Me and my buddy catch it after work every sunday. Episode 4 Season 3 Though a deviation was one of the best episodes of the series yet.


 However, It's not the material I would be proud to introduce to non preacher fans.


 Read the novels. Hell read them online for free. Really good stuff.


 Way darker, more grit, more depth, WAY more serious, philosophical and self indulgent.






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