US Patriot system fails in Ukraine

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Russia hits pricey US Patriot systems in Ukraine

Watch about $160 million worth of Patriot missiles get fired in about 30 seconds....

6 minutes later there are 2 explosions at the launch sites, seen on other live stream videos, verified with timestamps.

Kyiv authorities banned filming of the city after the strike. Exactly what you'd expect when they "shot down all the missiles succesfully".


Kinzhal means "dagger", not "kill joy" btw. And no, the Patriot AD system can't shoot down hypersonic missiles.

Some of the unexploded Patriot missiles landed inside Kyiv, eg.


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How's Valerii Zaluzhnyi's health?

And when is Volodymyr Zelenskyy gonna head back to Ukraine?

- he left the night Russia accused Ukraine of an assassination attempt on Putin & hasn't been back since.

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