What Logan Paul and Tomi Lahren Have in Common, Ann Coulter's Xenophobia - The InternetMexican Show


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This video presents a subject that somewhat interests me. I'm interested to hear what this guy has to say about it, and he's a member so that's cool. The Spiked-specific references are also enticing. I like how with the new site functionality you can comment, save it, and the page doesn't reload and interrupt the video.


Regarding Paul's fans: We are dealing with a generation of light to heavy sociopaths. 


Regarding monetization - certain words in the description, title and search keywords will trigger automated bots to censor you. Avoid "ALT" or reference to political parties - there's a list somewhere of what words to avoid. Some have started avoiding them by writing stuff out like "A1t  R1ght", etc.


Tomi is just another MSM partisan troll. She'll parrot whatever she's supposed to say in whatever niche she finds herself in. Remember Cenk used to be a "right-wing troll". Whatever is required for Tomi to maintain her profile and success is what Tomi will do.


10 minutes in and ready to rate. I'm going to give this 3/5 with a bump to 4/5 for spiked-specific aspects.


When you say "fuck" and use an anger tone is your dog coming over to make sure everything is okay? My dog does that when I yell at the TV.


That dude who got shot in the back five times running away from a coward cop was pulled over for a broken tail light, and then was about to be arrested for not having a license and not paying child support. He couldn't pay the child support because he had been in jail - if you look into that guy's background and circumstances you realize that he was boxed in completely with no way out the moment he was pulled over. Pschologically, if I were in his place I could easily see myself trying to just get away, not really thinking. Just desperate.




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