Where's Zaluzhny?

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Gen. Zaluzhny gravelly wounded in Russian missile strike. Head injury+shrapnel wounds.Out of service

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny received a head injury and shrapnel wounds as a result of a Russian missile attack on a command post near Kherson in early May, a source in law enforcement agencies told RIA Novosti


Speculation about Zaluzhny's whereabouts began on May 10 when he was absent from a NATO defense chiefs meeting with no decent explanation. There have been several pieces of information come out that suggest that he was injured, eg. reports of his wife visiting a hospital for 4 hours last week.


So Zaluzhny's been missing since early May with no sightings of him since then. Mainstream western propaganda is not trying to validate anything to do with his whereabouts either - even they don't want to put their name on the line to spread false info about him. A few articles have come out to try & throw water on the rumours of him being missing, calling it "Russian disinformation" and other weaksauce excuses but not actually debunking it.


Considering Ukraine just lost the largest battle of the war (arguably the largest battle since WWII), the Ukrainian commander-in-chief not making any public statements is a pretty good sign he's not able to. Whether injured (most likely) or purged & in a Ukrainian dungeon somewhere as some have speculated, it's looking very likely that he's not doing his duties.


Yesterday, advisor to Zaluzhny decided to post close up photo of her with Zaluzhny to show proof of life.

The problem is she forgot to delete her May 2nd photo from which is were and when she took the photo...


His advisor posting fakenews like this is another clue that Zaluzhny's not at his post.


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...and yet, russia is still going to lose this war.

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